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Libra Hotties Sample Pack

The Libra Hotties Sample Pack offer is back!  They are a heat-patch which can be used to take the edge of pain, including period pain.

Click the checkbox for ‘Try Libra Hotties Heat Patches’, when filling out the registration form on their website.

About This Company

NEW Libra Hotties Heat Patches are self-adhesive, single use heat patches can be applied directly onto sore tummies, backs or anywhere that heat therapy can be used.  Once applied directly onto skin, a Libra Hottie will gradually heat up after 20 minutes and lasts over 5 hours.

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  • (4) Comments

    1. As I get severe back pain this sounds as though it would be perfect.

      Trying it will tell

    2. We received ours in the post. Nice sample!
      I am really looking forward to trying it 🙂

    3. Unfortunately my patch came unstuck. I stuck back with ban aids. It stayed warm for hours.

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